Thrive Day, London – June 2019

  Thrive Day - London, March 2019

Thrive Day, London UK

 Engage with Powerhouse Leaders and Coaches, and Experience a
Transformative Day 
that will Create the Space for you to Significantly Raise Your Game!

We will all be able to create change and build our lives, and businesses, with greater ease when our commitment to our own life and leadership is supported by an alliance of change agents that engages and empowers impactful leaders.

We invite you to join other Agents of Change on Friday 14th June 2019 for a day of inspirational learning, connection, re-sourcing and growth. The day will include a programme of transformational sessions that will help you grow your life, grow your leadership, and grow your impact! You’ll also have plenty of time to connect with fellow alliance members, and gain support from this community.


The purpose of this event is take time out to focus on YOU and to help you THRIVE:

  • To connect you with other powerful coaches and leaders so you can broaden your inner-circle of allies, collaborators and supporters.
  • To plug back into the mains… to have inspirational conversations, stimulating connections, and a whole day solely focused on you, your life, and your business!
  • To help you learn and grow as a coach and leader. As you will have discovered along your journey, the need to keep stepping up doesn’t stop! This event will support you to Raise your Game!
  • To help you get inspired, refuel, recharge, get support and get fired up to go out in the world make a positive difference – to yourself, those around you, and to the wider world.

Our aim is for your spirit to be awakened! For you to leave the day feeling refreshed, inspired, and stronger; more committed, more empowered and engaged, and with a more support for your learning and impact as a coach and leader.

So take a day out for YOU and join us. Sessions include:

Learning Sessions

  • Honour Your Path - Shape Your Destiny
    Honour Your Path – Shape Your Destiny Unveil the Path That Lies Ahead

    We all have a unique path to walk through life...  a destiny. Through an exploration of your journey, past, present and future, using tools such as timelines, constellations, story-telling, visualisations and more, you will tap into the immense power of just how far you've really come and gain new insights into the path that lies ahead and how to shape your destiny...

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  • Thrive Circles - Mastermind Session
    Thrive Circles – Mastermind Session Explore Challenges, Share Insights, Provoke New Ways of Thinking, and Inspire Action

    This session is about supporting, and learning from, your peers. You will explore key challenges and issues, and topics of interest in small groups - aka live Thrive Circles.  The first round will be entitled 'What works?' and is an opportunity, to share and learn from others about what they have found that really helps them thrive in key areas of their life and work. Rounds 2 and 3 will provide an opportunity to explore other key topics that emerge on the day. 

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  • Lead Untamed and Unafraid
    Lead Untamed and Unafraid Power Up your Leadership and Make a Bigger Impact!

    Leading untamed and unafraid has three key elements. Firstly, it’s about being fully, authentically, and unashamedly yourself, and bringing all of you to your leadership. It’s about showing up fully, unedited, and shining brightly for all the world to see. Secondly, it’s about fully going after whatever you feel called to create/change as a leader – without apology. It’s full permission and full force. And lastly, and by no means least, it’s about encouraging and creating a space for others to lead untamed as well. After all, it’s only by each of us showing up as our best, brightest, selves that we can really lead and make a difference… You will leave the day: Feeling bigger, bolder, brighter and more supported. Ready to go out, play bigger, and really make an impact with your leadership.

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And the day wouldn't be complete without the amazing networking opportunities to connect, make new friends and allies, meet potential new co-conspirators and collaborators, and have a whole lot of fun! There will be opportunities to connect throughout the day AND there will be a social drinks in the evening.



Registration £299/€349/$419

Book now to secure your place - limited places available!


Venue - School of Economic Science, London W1

The School of Economic Science is a school of practical philosophy and is located right in the heart of London's West End, a five minute walk from Bond Street tube station and ideally located for all routes into the capital. The meeting spaces have a grandeur that is coupled with a warm welcome.

11-13 Mandeville Pl, Marylebone, London W1U 3AJ

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Join us for this energising and transformative day on Friday 14th June 2019



Registration £299/€349/$419

Book now to secure your place - limited places available!


After Event Drinks and Networking

The community and connection will continue on into the evening with drinks  at the Marylebone Cocktail Bar at The Mandeville Hotel so please stay on and join us.