Thrive Day, London - June 2019

We invite you to join other Agents of Change on Friday 5th April 2019 for a day of inspirational learning, re-sourcing, connection and growth. The day will include a programme of transformational sessions that will help you grow your life, grow your leadership, and grow your impact!

So step back into the Co-Active Space and join us. Highlights include:

~ Deepen you leadership learning through the 7 elements model
~ Clarify your leadership development path and expand your leadership understanding with the Leadership Circle
~ Participate in the designing and creation of the CALL EMEA community and next events
~ Step up to play a bigger game and taking your leadership out into the world to make a difference; and help others do the same.
~ Get connected, supported and inspired with your fellow CALL members

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  • Thrive Day, London - June 2019

    UK , London·June 14, 2019


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