Thrive Calls

Monthly Calls to Help You Grow Your Life, Leadership, & Impact

Thrive calls are monthly community calls to help you grow your life, grow your leadership and grow your impact. Each call is interactive and will be facilitated one or more alliance members. There will be a core subject to focus the conversation and the learning, as well as the opportunity for questions and general support requests.

Upcoming Thrive Calls

Thrive Call – March 2019

Thrive Call22 March @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

This month's call will focus on exploring the importance of Level 1 in both coaching and leadership. Whilst the importance of listening at levels 2 and 3 is highly emphasised in the coaching curriculum, as is leading at levels 2 and 3 on the leadership programme, the unintended impact can be that level 1 gets made wrong. It is often marginalised, or under-valued. However, level 1 is a foundational piece of being a transformational coach and a powerful leader, it has to be at the heart of your work. During this call we will explore the value in level 1, it's role in both coaching and leadership...

Thrive Call – April 2019

Thrive Call18 April @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

This month's call will focus on exploring how to create balance in an ever chaotic world. Have you felt like things seem to be getting more challenging as time goes on? Like the waves keep crashing and sweeping you off your feet, making it hard to take a breath and find some solid footing? We seem to increasingly live in a world in which the level of uncertainty we have to deal with is unprecedented; a world in which we are required to become more and more resilient and agile. On this call we will explore to create balance, and stay grounded and connected, in this increasingly chaotic and turb...